E-Liquid & CBD Oil Filling Machinery

Using an automatic or semi-automatic E-liquid or CBD oil filling machine (or filling line) can provide many advantages to your business. These include higher levels of precision and less opportunity for human filling errors, greater consistency of fill, less costly product wastage, improved speeds and more. Purchasing the right filling equipment for your vaping oils or CBD tinctures is therefore essential for ensuring that your operations are optimised in a timely and profitable manner.

Adelphi are leading suppliers of filling and capping machinery to the Vaping/E-Liquid and CBD Oil industry. We offer a range of machinery to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets, from semi-automatic filling and capping options, to fully automatic machines and turnkey lines.

Adelphi are proud to have been a trusted UK manufacturer ever since our beginnings in London in 1947, meaning that we have over 70 years’ experience in the industry. All our machinery is manufactured at our purpose-built Sussex site, which includes our environmentally friendly, double award-winning production facility, The Friary. We are always pleased to welcome customers and contacts to our site for tours and machine demonstrations.


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(L – R) XYZ Distributor for small batch production, Response Semi-Automatic Benchtop Filler, Response Monobloc Filler & Capper

E-Liquid & CBD Oil Process Equipment

Adelphi Group company Pharma Hygiene Products Ltd can assist with the manufacturing process of E-liquids and CBD oils, with our high quality stainless steel mixing vessels and utensils. Heavily used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, these products will adhere to any new regulations that are created around the mixing and blending of vaping oils with flavourings.

Material traceability and quality is what sets us apart from our competitors and ensures customers receive the highest quality goods every time they order.

Due to the heavily regulated nature of many of our customers’ industries, it is critical that we supply only the materials that we specify. With this in mind we test all incoming stainless steel using our own portable X-Ray testing machine. For certain products, we are also able to test the surface smoothness of stainless steel, with our Surface Finish Analyser. Backed up by comprehensive certification where required, this service gives you the peace of mind that you are getting what you are paying for, undertaking due diligence, and ultimately maintaining your quality control.


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